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Unlocking Your Defensive Potential: Jericho Tactical Combatives Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense Classes

Self-defense is a skill that should be had by everyone since it enables one to prevent themselves from suffering bodily damage in potentially hazardous circumstances. Classes in Krav Maga are currently being offered in Charlotte and Denver, North Carolina by Jericho Tactical, a company whose mission is to strengthen communities across the United States while also disseminating practical techniques for self-defense. Our strategy is geared toward responsible citizens who desire to understand how to protect themselves and their loved ones in a moral, legal, and tactical manner and who are interested in acquiring such knowledge.

Combat Using Only the Hands

Hand-to-hand fighting is, in our opinion, the single most significant defensive tool that can be acquired out of the many options that are accessible. Weapons are quite effective, however, the vast majority of attacks (95%) are considered to be "simple assaults," which makes it illegal to use a handgun in these situations. Because we are more likely to use our hands than our weapons in the course of our daily lives, we consider hand-to-hand combative to be an essential aspect of our training. Everyone, regardless of their gender, size, or age, should educate themselves on what to do in the event that they are challenged by an aggressive aggressor. In self-defense situations, achieving safety as fast as possible is the primary objective; nevertheless, this is not always a simple task.

The type of weaponry that is employed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

Our highly specialized hand-to-hand combat curriculum will equip you with the essential physical and mental capabilities to confront the danger and help you survive the encounter. This program will also help you survive the encounter. When retreat is not an option, we must consider both striking arts and grappling arts as potential options for self-defense. Our one-of-a-kind hand-to-hand combat technique was inspired by the military system known as Israeli Krav Maga, which is practiced by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Every available method of self-defense

In the context of a contemporary urban setting, our training program integrates aspects of boxing, judo, muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu with a significant focus on krav maga. All of our pupils will develop not only their bodies but also their minds via participation in our program, which will give them a "street smart" mentality. The training will take place in a variety of environments, such as the interior of a vehicle, a room, a simulated elevator, and other transitional locations that are more likely to be the site of an assault. This mix of training helps build well-rounded fighters who are proficient in both striking and grappling, whether they are standing or on the ground and are able to adapt to a variety of fighting scenarios.

You will be taught a collection of striking and grappling techniques that are simple to understand and will aid you in properly disengaging from a variety of different scenarios. Our training consists of a weekly rotation that alternates between Striking weeks, Groundfighting weeks, Ambush Survival weeks, and Weapon Defenses weeks. This is done to ensure that all of the information that is learned is effectively assimilated. Our training is overseen by Adir Rafael, the owner of Jericho Tactical and a veteran of both the Israeli Defense Force and the Israeli Special Agent Service. He has a wealth of expertise in both training and actual combat scenarios.

Self-Defense Classes Focusing on Hand-to-Hand Combative Techniques Offered by Jericho Tactical

Studying self-defense techniques that involve hand-to-hand combat can be a skill that saves your life. At Jericho Tactical, we believe that discipline, self-preservation, and responsibility are traits worth nurturing, and our Krav Maga classes in Charlotte and Denver, North Carolina, will help you overcome both physical and mental challenges by instilling confidence and teaching field-proven defensive skills that anyone can learn to master. Today is the day to join our training community and discover your full defensive potential.

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