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Jericho Tactical Academy is an all inclusive self-defense academy that houses all angles of self-protection. Our specialty is Krav Maga, Firearms training and Fitness. Our training sessions are designed to educate, prepare and better our student’s chances to skillfully survive emergency situations. Every session at our academy includes context that can be applied for both civilians as well as first responders and does not require any previous experience. 

Our Instructors are Active LEO & Veterans and are highly qualified in their fields.  We understand the importance of context in training and how training is applied when it matters most. 

Our mission is to build groups and individuals physically & mentally capable of defending themselves while providing the best tools available to preserve life.

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Main Academy - Denver, NC


Our academy is located near Denver, NC (an easy 30-minute drive North West of Uptown Charlotte, NC) and conveniently accessible to both the North Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. We are equipped with a state of the art training equipment and accommodates both Combatives, Tactical Fitness, as well as Firearms Training. The academy is seated on a 100 acre farm that offers trail running, obstacle course and outdoor activities used in our Tactical Fitness Program.  Parking is available onsite as well as restrooms, coffee and water station, and an outdoor break area. 



Adir Rafael began his career in the security and defense industry in 2008 when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Adir served as a tank commander. During his service, he was awarded five combat awards and retired as a sergeant first class.


Shortly after his retirement, Adir was recruited to the Israeli Secret Service (Shin Bet) and served as a special agent. During his service he participated in numerous operations protecting Israeli officials. In 2014, Adir relocated to New York City where he was responsible for the personal protection of Israeli Ambassadors and diplomats  and  securing the world's largest Israeli Consulate  and mission to the United Nations.


Upon his retirement from the Israeli Government, Adir provided security consultations to houses of worship and large public organizations that sought to reinforce their security arrangements in the Greater New York Area.


In 2018, Adir introduced Jericho Tactical Academy, LLC to the greater Charlotte area to provide civilians and law enforcement agencies access to field-proven defensive systems in a mission to equip those with tools to respond to violence and crime and create safer communities in the US.





Ryan’s focal point is the development and training of pistol fundamentals. Ryan's extensive training experience started with Jericho Tactical Academy and progressed to further develop his knowledge in the world of firearms training. Ryan’s main goal is to support and guide everyone’s firearm journey in a safety-first approach. The firearms industry can be intimidating at times, but through commitment, guidance, and support, anyone can become well versed in the subject.

Ryan believes that no matter what  experience or skill level we may be at, we all can learn and grow together in this journey. Ryan, outside of firearms training, enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as exploring local events in the Charlotte are. Ryan looks forward to meeting and working together in your new journey!


Nogui is an experienced martial artist that spent over a decade training in various arts, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, and Karate. His commitment and passion for self-improvement is admirable.  From the beginning of his journey Nogui has been a BJJ competitor. His path is marked with challenging matches and victories has led him to the top of some of the most prestigious BJJ podiums. 

In 2023, Nogui's hard work paid off at the IBJJF European Masters. He achieved third place in both the weight division and the open class, solidifying his international reputation as a formidable competitor. 

Nogui's contributions to the sport extend beyond his personal achievements. Besides being Jericho’s BJJ Instructor, he also mentors practitioners privately passing on his knowledge to the next generation of martial artists.

Nogui's teaching approach is adaptable and designed for anyone, regardless of their objectives. He firmly believes in the power of Jiu-Jitsu as a tool for self-mastery. Nogui tailors his instruction to meet the needs of each student, whether they aspire to compete at a high level or simply wish to improve personally. His belief that everyone can benefit from learning Jiu-Jitsu is a cornerstone of his teaching philosophy.



Tara has had a passion for self defense since she was a teenager. She has trained at Jericho since 2020. In her time on the mats at Jericho Tactical Academy, she tested and passed Practitioner 1-Practitioner 5 Krav Maga levels.  In her training, Tara has learned that in order to achieve goals and achieve greatness, overcoming mental hurdles are just as important as overcoming the physical hurdles. 


Tara has a passion for bringing out the warrior in her teammates and loves coaching students that want to find the fighter within themselves.  She loves empowering people to take control of their own lives and learn skills that may save their lives one day.  Tara knows that her growth and learning should never stop and continues to participate in group classes and private sessions to grow her own physical and mental skills.  



Security Guard

On top of providing the highest level of training, Jericho also provides SECURITY SOLUTIONS to Education Facilities, Houses of Worship, Healthcare Facilities and private organizations across the South East.


Jericho provides top-tier emergency training coverage tailored to your organization's culture and operations. Our methods are field-proven and inspired by one of the world's most prestigious security agencies (Shin-Bet). Jericho embraces simplicity and understands that "if your plan is not simple, it will simply not happen". Thinking out of the box and tailoring the most suitable emergency plan to your organization is imperative in today's climate. We will train your staff to respond properly and guide them during drills to reach better future results!  



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