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Jericho Tactical Academy is an all inclusive self-defense academy that houses all angles of self-protection. Our specialty is Krav Maga, Firearms training and Fitness. Our training sessions are designed to educate, prepare and better our student’s chances to skillfully survive emergency situations. Every session at our academy includes context that can be applied for both civilians as well as first responders and does not require any previous experience. 

Our mission is to build groups and individuals physically & mentally capable of defending themselves while providing the best tools available to preserve life.



This is our signature program. Contains daily 60-90 min classes that combines elements of Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu with a strong emphasis on Krav Maga in a modern urban environment. If you want to learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones and ready to dive into a training routine to establish confidence, discipline, and high levels of mastery, This program is for you!


ReadyAF is a morning program designed for anyone. Sessions are 60 minutes long include functional fitness as well as valuable self-defense concepts that may save your life. If you are a morning person who likes to start the day strong, this class is for you!


TacFit is our signature fitness program. A typical TF session will start with a short warmup, continue to a strength & conditioning segment and finish with a fast-paced strength or cardio segment. Every TF class will include a Pistol / Carbine SIM shooting portion and physical concepts related directly to Combatives.  Classes are 45min - 60min  long. We will push you to perform the best the you can without feeling like you have to compete with others.