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Law Enforcement Training Program


Jericho Tactical Academy is proud to introduce a training program tailored for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This program is designed to maintain our dedicated first responder's preparedness to the various scenarios they encounter on a daily basis. Sessions will take place eight times a year in Jericho's unique facility as well as in local shooting ranges. This program will assist law enforcement agencies to establish a consistent training schedule to their officers and ensure that the proper training standards are being met. Practicing units can expect a day full of practical hands-on training including a regional review of past incidents, extended Combatives session, judgment simulator session, tactical force on force training and live fire shooting qualification. Trainees will receive an individual preparedness score as well as tools to build a strong learning curve to maintain a high level of vigilance and proper use of force.


This program is designed for:


  • Police Units & SWAT
  • Federal Agencies

  • Sheriff's Department Officers

  • Correctional Officers

  • Personal Protection Units (VIP's Security Detail, US Secret Service, US State Department Diplomat Security).


Please contact us to schedule a preliminary meeting with Jericho's instructors.


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