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Handgun #201 | Post CCW Concepts
Handgun #201 | Post CCW Concepts

Sat, Nov 09


Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cle

Handgun #201 | Post CCW Concepts

This course dives deep into implementing CCW concepts into your daily regiment.

When & Where?

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Nov 09, 2024, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Foothills Public Shooting Complex of Cle, 283 Fielding Rd, Cherryville, NC 28021, USA

Training Details

Acquired a CCW permit and want more training in post CCW concepts? This course dives further into implementing CCW into your daily regiment. The gear/accessories chosen, the clothes worn, and how you present yourself, all play an important factor on the day-to-day lifestyle of a CCW permit holder. This course will also focus on crucial concepts such as, being able to draw from concealment, being able to manage recoil with accurate follow up shots, being able identify malfunctions, and knowing the difference between an emergency/tactical reloads. This course will provide a great opportunity to be able to test your CCW setup without the limitations of a traditional indoor range while serving as a great stepping stone to further develop your CCW skill set.


◦ Next training step for post CCW permit holders

◦ Review of clothing and gear concepts

◦ Drawing quickly and accurately from concealment 

◦ Maintain accurate follow up shots with proper recoil management

◦ Learn to properly execute emergency and tactical reloads

◦ Working through malfunctions

◦ Test out your CCW setup

Who can join?

Anyone 18+ years of age with an open mind and who is legally able to own a firearm.

What to bring?

◦ Bring your pistol and a few magazines for your specific pistol.

◦ Kydex holster for CCW. No Serpa style holsters.

◦ 200 rounds of ammunition for your specific pistol.

◦ Eye & Ear protection

◦ Wear closed toed shoes and clothing suitable for outside range portion. Sunscreen is highly recommended.

◦ Bring an open mind and some note taking material

◦ Bring plenty of hydration and snacks as no lunch will be provided.




  • Meals are not included in this session, students are encouraged to bring their own meals. 
  • **Safety violations resulted from poor learning attitude will result in a termination of the student from the session. No refunds will be offered. **

Select a Ticket

  • Handgun #201 - Advanced CCW

  • Handgun + Ammunition Rental




Bring a Friend!

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