Are you considering becoming a responsible gun owner? This is the starting point. Learn the fundamental safety aspects of handguns and marksmanship. 


Always wanted to carry a handgun, but didn't know where to start? This course will provide the information required by The State of North Carolina for concealed carry seekers. 

Self Defense Concept - Homeowner Ready t

This Scenario-Based Training course will provide the legal aspects of personal protection while at home and ways to remain safe during a forced entry or burglary. 


This course will focus on mastering the skills of handgun shooting. You will go through a series of instructions designed to improve accuracy, while reaching speed in an everyday carry settings.

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This 3-hour FORCE ON FORCE training session is designed to test realistic applications of handguns in a defensive scene.


This session concentrates on handgun marksmanship, intermediate to advanced shooting techniques, and measured drills a traditional shooting range will not be able to accommodate.


This is where things are starting to become difficult! This course will introduce students to the challenge of shooting while moving, shooting behind cover and shooting under stress and fatigue.


Experience Jericho's judgmental shooting video simulator. Each session will allow you to step into the defender's shoes during a life-threatening situation and present challenges involving defensive shooting. 


This one-on-one session will help you efficiently identify  your shooting strengths and weaknesses and will provide areas to focus on while training. 



Shooting a rifle/carbine is fun and addicting, but first things first, we must know how to safely operate one before going to the range on your own.  

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Master the skill of rifle shooting while considering related defensive aspects in an unconventional way. 


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This course will qualify students to become Range Safety Officers. Students will be introduced to the various safety aspects of operating a shooting range while demonstrating the ability to conduct safety briefings and following range rules.