Since 1948 the State of Israel faced numerous threats to its existence. The given reality forced high-ranking Israeli officials to adopt a simple and effective method to instill safety and self-protection tools to all Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers regardless of age, gender and size. It was imperative that this method will be simple enough to be taught in a relatively short period of time and be effective to save lives. Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga, was in charge of this task. Throughout the years, Krav Maga was formed to be one of the world's best field-proven systems to increase safety and survivability among its practitioners. In 1981, Krav Maga was first introduced to the United States civilian population and reached popularity from its simplicity and rate of success in saving lives. In present times, Krav Maga is actively practiced in multiple Military and Law Enforcement units throughout the world such as US Marines, FBI (Federal Beaurou of Investigations),  Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and various Local Police and SWAT units. 


Krav Maga combines elements of Boxing, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido making it one of the first MMA systems to be created. Krav Maga, introduces a set of easy to assume principles that can be acquired in a relatively short period of time regardless of age, size or gender. More importantly, Krav Maga incorporates techniques to instill the mindset essential for self-defense. You will learn how to effectively divert, disarm and disengage from various situations. Focus will also be given to the importance of time and awareness in emergency situations as a key to developing the necessary survival skills. This mindset taught in Krav Maga will help condition practitioners to respond with no hesitations to attacks in efforts to maximize their chances of prevailing unexpected assaults and reach safety. 

Krav Maga in Hebrew or "Contact Combat" in English is an Israeli Defensive System designed to provide empty-hand defensive tools to civilians, law enforcement, and military units. The system's main goal is to increase survivability skills against weapons and physical violence.