Houses of Worship Active Shooter Response

& Prevention Session


This 8 Hour Session is designed for private security providers who aim to reach mastery in prevention and proper response for an active shooter incident. Following the increase in active shooter incidents in houses of worships world-wide, Jericho has decided to incorporate a state-of-the-art day-long session to assist security firms to understand the mindset of the active shooter. In this session, we will concentrate on the importance of a quick response by security and staff members, facility-based security protocols, and law enforcement involvement. In order to properly maintain a high standard of preparedness, Jericho recommends that trainees will attend this class at least once a quarter. Trainees will be introduced to Israeli-based methods of operations designed to mitigate loss of human lives and eliminate the deadly threat. This session will be led by Jericho's owner, Adir Rafael.


Please contact us to schedule a preliminary meeting with Jericho's instructors.