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Law Enforcement Training Program

Law Enforcement Training Program

This program offers tailor-made training content to each law enforcement unit. Jericho will provide the most relevant training materials officers can implement on and off-duty. Law Enforcement Officers will get an opportunity to practice Israeli Krav Maga and dynamic shooting scenarios. Our scenario-based force on force sessions to allow officers to develop skills in emergency management and emotional intelligence. In addition, all participating trainees will gain access to our judgment shooting simulator placed in our studio. Jericho recommends units to attend this program on a monthly basis to allow a positive learning curve among trainees.


  • Introduction meeting with Jericho's Staff.



Course Outline

  • Sessions outline will change every month in order to introduce new challenges to our trainees. Outline will be sent to approval 7 days prior to the sessions date. 


Required Equipment

  • Students are required to bring their firearm to this course.

  • Duty Belt

  • Radio

  • Holster

  • Extra Magazine

  • Magazine carrier

  • Thick belt (at least 1 1/2" Thick)

  • Please wear long comfortable pants with pockets, closed shoes (no flip flops or sandals), T-shirt or button-up shirt (no V-neck shirts). BRING A LONG SLEEVE JACKET FOR FORCE ON FORCE TRAINING – MANDATORY.

  • Eyes and Ears protection



  • While only 100 rounds are required to qualify for this course, Jericho recommends bringing 150 rounds matching to the pistol you own. 




  • Classes will run between 8:30am and 6:30pm.

  • **Safety violations will result in a termination of the student from the session. No refunds will be offered. **

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